Australia Day A good chance to fly only our National Flag

Australia Day is almost upon us on January 26. This reminds us of our great Australian Flag and its unifying importance. It is vital that our flag needs to be flown as the single most important symbol for all Australians. 

The 6 minute video by Senator Alex Antic at the link below is very encouraging. Alex raises the question many of you will have considered; namely - Why is it accompanied by other flags?

These days it is accompanied by the Torres Strait Island flag and the Aboriginal flag and quite often at indoor Press Conferences I have noted our national flag is almost hidden behind these others.

These or any other flags should only ever accompany our national flag on special occasions.

Senator Antic warns of a raft of other flags joining the three already mentioned, especially if some Victorian examples are to be followed.

How far can this be tolerated? The flag poles will look like a picket fence!

Alex admires the US where the Stars and Stripes flag is mostly flown alone as a symbol of national unity.

I suggest you forward the video with your comments to your MP, Councils, RSL and CWA etc.

A good and timely opportunity to register your concern.

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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