ACTION TARGET Is Australia for Sale?

Do you wish to sell any of Australia to foreign interests?

While the answer would be a resoundingly NO, it is alarming to see the rise in Chinese ownership. Chinese interests of ownership of our land has risen from 1.5m hectares to 14.4m hectares in one year. The focus has been on mining and agribusiness.

The year 2023 public-records show China has purchased residential land to the value of $3.4b whereas all other countries each purchased less than $0.5b.

We must drive some changes in Canberra. Failure to do so will permit a continuation of this anti-Australian policy.

What will stop this? The answer is YOU combined with others. We must get MP's from as many groups, parties or independents, to come together with measures to end this national suicide.

We can all start by copying the George Christensen article at the link (URL) below and sending it to your Federal MP with a covering note. Express your disgust at the situation and stress that you will be withholding your vote from any candidate at the next election who fails to undertake to STOP this "sell-out" of Australia. Be firm but polite.

'Could Australia Become a Colony of Communist China?'

George Christensen's response to this question can be found here::

Apart from the Chinese example, we must note the disturbing announcement from the Western Australia government of handing over of 8% of the State of WA land to Aboriginal Corporations, previously spearheaded by the Victorian Government with the handing over of rivers to Aboriginal Corporations.

While we can see the Chinese exercising some 'right' to buy our properties, we should be very concerned at the WA State Government announcement of its plan to hand over control of 8% of the State land to Aboriginal Corporations. Some 142 remote Aboriginal designated areas will be opened up for commercial exploitation with no pathway of compensation to 'all' the Australian people through taxes or duties, but rather just those select few.

It is not unreasonable to expect the Corporatised owners will wish to immediately 'cash in' and take the money from this potential commercial exploitation. This is how Australia is to be broken up, as Keith Windshuttle's book title so aptly puts it.

The maps of Australia showing land allocated to Aboriginal Corporations, but controlled and exploited by foreign interests does already look like a patchwork quilt.
These maps can be found here:

A Power Point Presentation of the maps can also be found here:

We need to act now to stop the rot!

Federal Members and Senators can be addressed at "Parliament House, CANBERRA. ACT 2600".

Let us know of any responses.

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