The Australian Heritage Series

And the story of that heritage, that is, Australia's history, cannot be understood apart from the impact of the Christian faith within it and upon it. It is a Christian Heritage.
Australia's history is much older than the nation of Australia. When the colonies were founded by the English, they brought with them the accumulated wisdom and experience of at least two thousand years in the form and substance of their spiritual, cultural and legal institutions and systems, as developed up to that time.The peace, freedom and security (in comparison with other parts of the world) still enjoyed by Australians is the 'fruit' of the labours of many centuries. That inheritance has been and is being squandered, and is in danger of being discarded altogether.
The Australian Heritage Society is committed to a programme for the regeneration of that Christ-Centred Spirit in the Australian people and for the regeneration of those values that help mould a peoples' good character, patriotism, personal integrity and love of truth, the pursuit of goodness and beauty, and an unselfish concern for others.
As a further contribution to that on-going programme we have much pleasure in presenting the following papers, "Australia's Constitutional Heritage" by Dr David Mitchell, 'The Christian Roots of Representative Government" by Rev. Arthur Fellows and 'The Church and the Trinity" by Dr Geoffrey Dobbs.
The first two were originally presented at the Australian League of Rights "Heritage Seminar", October 1992 and the Third appeared a number of years ago in the League Journal, 'The New Times". (Upon reading it, the reader will realize that the message it brings is for all times and for all seasons.)
Will you, Dear Reader, help us to bring to young Australians the knowledge of, and understanding and appreciation of, the rich inheritance that is theirs, by circulating this booklet as far and as wide as possible?
Betty Luks
On Behalf Of The Austalian Heritage Society

Australian Heritage Series

David Mitchell, B.A., L.L.B., L.L.M., Ph.D.

Rev. Arthur G. Fellows, Th.L.

Geoffrey Dobbs, Ph.D.

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