There is no Evidence for Mandatory Vaccination - JUDY WILYMAN PHD - FEB 7

Vaccination Decisions Newsletter 300: History is being Erased by Big Pharma

"The past was erased, the erasure forgotten, and the lie became the truth." (George Orwell)

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Fact 1 - Vaccines did not control the risk from infectious diseases. This is an historical fact that is being erased by big pharma funding.

Fact 2 - Childhood chronic illnesses and deaths have increased significantly in a direct dose-response relationship with the increased use of childhood vaccines for 30 years. This correlation is being ignored yet is the strongest sign of a causal link when governments do not use scientific methodology to prove the vaccines are harmless before they market them to the public.

Conclusion: There is no empirical evidence that any vaccine is safe or necessary for controlling infectious diseases. Hence, the use of mandatory policies with coercive strategies is a crime against the population.

Individuals have the right to choose which ones they use and this does not make them an 'antivaxxer' or a 'conspiracy theorist'. It makes them a critical thinker who is doing a proper risk analysis of the use of each vaccine (aka drug) in yourself or your child, according to your genetic make-up. (A summary pamphlet of the main arguments de-bunking mandatory vaccination in my PhD)

When government policies are built on fraud society begins to crumble and this is what we are seeing in Australia today. Most people can sense that lies are being told by the government and our institutions but so many people are paid to tell these lies, particularly our politicians and medical profession, that the Australian population is confused, anxious, depressed - and more and more divided. Our young people are struggling.

Australia is turning into a totalitarian state. Mental health and suicide are skyrocketing yet television portrays this country as a 'paradise on earth'. The inversion of reality.

Does this remind you of 2020 when the television told you we were in a 'pandemic' but when you looked out your window nothing had changed - the sun was shining and no one was dropping dead or getting ill around you? But then you watched the TV and saw those distressing pictures of hospitals and heavily gowned up staff.

Reality can be inverted by a biased media:

'The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.' (George Orwell).

Suffice to say you are being told what to think by a corporate-funded mediaand the lies become truths when history is erased and our government officials receive the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for telling these lies. Meanwhile, your academics and health professionals get their reputations destroyed by the media for providing evidence of the truth. Speaking truth to power when money is power.

Totalitarianism is building globally as freedom of speech is curtailed by new laws to protect government lies. These laws are already being discussed in the Australian parliament and freedom is being lost by the increase in CCTV cameras and Centrally Managed Smart (CMS) Lights with 5g, in previously peaceful and natural spaces.

This infrastructure is being put up by our councils that are now called 'The City of …..' to fit in with the WEF's Smart City agenda. Look up the UN Agenda 21 and 30.

The Medical Fraud in Government Vaccination Policies

Vaccination policies are promoted to the public as 'health' policies but like mainstream media, reality can be inverted when they are not based on empirical (observed) scientific evidence. That is, when policies are based on claims of safety and efficacy without evidence, they result in the opposite outcomes in the population - sickness not health.

This is happening because of the influence of the medical-industry complexthrough funding, in every area of scientific methodology - scientific journals, research institutions, education, media and of course Australia's drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) that is 96% funded by the industry whose drugs it approves AND monitors for safety.

Who's interests do you think the TGA is protecting?

This huge conflict of interest in all our institutions results in a biasing of information on drug safety and efficacy, that is presented to the public in government policies. A situation that results in life or death consequences, as well as a decline in quality of life for many who develop chronic illnesses.

The published data clearly shows a significant increase in chronic illness in children that has occurred over the last 30 years in all developed countries, as the vaccination schedule expanded to multiple vaccines. Young people are also unaware that most people over 30 years old, have NEVER had these vaccines. Why ? Because vaccines did not control the risk from infectious diseases. This is an historical fact that is being erased by big pharma funding and young people are being deceived.

This historical fact makes coercive and mandatory vaccination a crime against the population.

So when did the inversion of these facts start to occur in society? In 1986 the US Congress, under Ronald Reagan, removed all liability from pharmaceutical companies for any drug that they called a 'vaccine'.

Why would you need to indemnify drug companies if their drug only had 'rare' adverse health outcomes?

When governments claim that adverse events (AEs) after vaccines are 'rare', an illusion can be created by the corporate-funded mainstream media by rarelyreporting adverse events, and those that get compensated, are gagged by their legal contracts from speaking about their injury. This has gradually been happening over the last three decades.

These public-private partnerships are creating the illusion that childhood vaccines are safe and necessary, through bias and framing of the facts. In a similar way that the illusion of a pandemic was created in 2020 in the media.

When government's and media moguls work together in public-private partnerships you have fascism under Mussolini's definition.

The definition of fascism by the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (5th Ed): A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

This centralised government is well advanced in Australia, and Australians have felt the violent suppression of the totalitarian Liberal and Labor governments over the last decade as we challenged the implementation of coercive and mandatory vaccination policies in Federal policies.

If a parent, researcher, doctor or politician speaks against the use of mandatory vaccination policies, then they are gas lighted and their reputations smeared. This is another strategy that is used to tell you what to think not how to think.

See my website Vaccination Decisions for the reality and why as a parent I put my reputation on the line.

In 2016 the promotion of the childhood vaccination program of 16+ vaccines with multiple doses of each, was reduced to the jingle No Jab No Pay/Play in the media. Anyone who challenged these policies was ridiculed and dismissed as an 'antivaxxer' or a 'conspiracy theorist'. Even academics and health professionals who were providing the evidence for the right to choose this medical intervention.

Choice is NOT antivaccination.

These are strategies used to tell you what to think about vaccines not how to think. The pro-vaxxers could not rely on evidence because there is NO evidence to support mandatory vaccination with any vaccine. It is blind faith controlled by money.

This means the coercive vaccination policies in Australia are harming and dividing the population because they have not been supported by empirical (observed) scientific evidence. They are baseless claims. This government policy is causing death and illness (democide) because the government is ignoring the overwhelming evidence of the destruction of health in the population - and it has ignored this evidence for 30 years.

My book Vaccination: Australian's Loss of Health Freedom reveals many more of the political strategies used to invert reality for vested interests in government policy, big pharma's influence and the control of populations.

"All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force" (George Orwell)

Here is Elizabeth Hart's latest substack revealing the time-line of how the Australian government destroyed voluntary informed consent that is a requirement under all doctors and health practitioners ethical guidelines - The Destruction of Voluntary Informed Consent via Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination.

Here is a moving song and video of the Forest of the Fallen showing the thousands of people that died prematurely or lost their quality of life after taking the COVID19 "vaccines" from 2021-2024 (genetically engineered products that were not tested to see if they prevent COVID-19 disease) - Forest of the Fallen by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

Forest of the Fallen is being set up all over Australia and people are suffering mental health issues from being gas lighted and not acknowledged as as having a vaccine-injury. Here is the link to one of the Class Actions that is being set up to assist these people to be acknowledged and to get compensation from a government policy that has destroyed their health - Class Action COVID-19 Vaccine Related Injuries

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