The Corruption of the World Health Organisation

One World Government and the International Health Regulations

Vaccination Decisions Newsletter 299 from Judy Wilyman PhD

"The further society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak up" (George Orwell)

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Welcome to the first Vaccination Decisions Newsletter for 2024. Many of us are wondering what 2024 brings after the deception of the COVID19 years (2020-23) and also the presentation of a Mis- Dis- Information Bill 2023 in parliament that will exempt the Australian government from being liable for providing mis- or dis-information.

Why would the Australian government need a bill that protects itself from providing misinformation? A bill that will prevent freedom of speech and debate on scientific and political issues? It's not in the public's interest.

Did you know that in 2015, Andrew Wilkie, an Independent politician, described in parliament the many pieces of legislation that have passed through the parliament that bring us close to a police state - to an empty chamber!

Could it be that the government COVID19 narrative was misinformation or in fact, medical fraud with doctors violating all medical ethics and principles?

Here is Dr. Brian Walker, in the WA parliament, describing the violation of medical ethics that occurred in 2020-23 when Scott Morrison (Liberal Party), as Prime Minister allowed the State Premiers to coerce people with their jobs, superannuation and threats of misconduct charges, if they did not get the COVID19 "vaccine".

Vaccination is not voluntary if your job (livelihood), freedom to travel or ability to function in society depends upon it. The Australian government is currently lying to the people by making this claim.

If you have been following my journey you will know that I wrote my first newsletter about vaccines in May 2012 after realising that the Australian government's vaccination programs were not designed on empirical evidence-based science. That is, proof of safety and efficacy from observed long-term clinical trials.

Have you noticed the increase in chronic illnesses and cancer in highly vaccinated populations correlates in a direct dose-response relationship to the increased use of vaccines? But "correlation doesn't equal causation", I hear the government mantra.

Yet correlation is the strongest evidence for causation (according to the Bradford-Hill 9-point criteria), when a government does not fulfil its duty of care to the public by completing the empirical clinical trials that would prove or disprove this correlation.

When governments do not do the long-term studies to prove that vaccines are harmless before they market them, (that is, they reverse the precautionary principle that protects human health), then the vaccination policy is not a health policy - it is a sickness policy, and the exact risks of these government vaccination policies have never been determined. They are an unmonitored experiment on the population.

I have been writing my voluntary newsletter for 12 years and this is Newsletter 299. It is because of my global newsletter that my PhD, published on the University of Wollongong website in January 2016, has been downloaded 36,529+ times over the last seven years. Most of my newsletters can be accessed on the home page of my website - Vaccination Decisions.

My newsletter was de-platformed in October 2020 when researchers and doctors were being censored by the government, and de-registered by the corporate medical regulator called the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA), and the corporate-sponsored media. This was done by claiming that presenting the risks of the "vaccines" was providing 'antivaccination material.'

Since 2018 Mailchimp has been partnered with the CDC Foundation and they began shutting down accounts that contain so called 'antivaccination comments': a derogatory label that dismisses the risks of vaccines (a drug) and prevents any critical thinking about risk assessment.

You will note that as of the 21st December 2023, the corporate medical board AHPRA, has quietly removed the gag order on doctors and health professionals that prevented them telling their patients about the risks of COVID "vaccines".

The risks of COVID19 "vaccines" have been outlined in my Newsletter 297 Unvaccinated does not mean Unprotected . If the "vaccine" does not prevent transmission of the virus in the community and it was never tested in clinical trials to see if it did prevent the transmission in the community, then how can it be promoted for the "community good"?

And as it did not prevent individuals from getting COVID19 disease, it was not a "vaccine" in the traditional sense of the word that the public has been educated to believe. This deception is called medical fraud.

Consequently, this genetically engineered drug/technology could never have created herd immunity, yet the Australian PM and premiers coerced and bullied Australians into getting this drug because they claimed it was "necessary for the good of the community".

Those of us who had researched this technology were ridiculed as "selfish" and "antivaxxers" or "conspiracy theorists", for telling the truth that is now being revealed on all independent media platforms.

Here is Dr. Brian Walker revealing these facts in the WA Parliament and informing the politicians that doctor's are not being permitted to put this untested "vaccine" as the cause of death for any fatality, and hence the actual number of adverse events and deaths, whilst known to be very high, is in fact unquantified. But it is certainly not 'rare' as the government stated in promoting this product to the trusting public in 2021-24.

In Newsletter 298 SIDS Now SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome I describe the excess deaths that increased by 15-20% in Australia in 2021-22, as it did in all COVID vaccinated populations, correlating (that word again!) directly with the roll out of the COVID "vaccine" in every country.

Yet the Australian government, that has ignored the correlation of vaccines with the increase in childhood chronic illnesses for three decades, is now ignoring this huge increase in excess deaths, that is on a scale of deaths in a war, in the Australian population.

The Australian government has stated it will not have an investigation into these deaths after the COVID "vaccine" roll out in 2021, yet in the same breath, states these health policies are "in the public's best interest."

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) that influences the design of the International Health Regulations (IHR), was set up by the BILL and Melinda Gates Foundation under the WHO banner in 1999. This alliance influences global health policies even though GAVI is an alliance of private-public partnerships that is not an elected board of the WHO. It is a board that exists outside of the WHO.

This has been described in my PhD completed in 2015 and published as a book titled "Vaccination: Australia's Loss of Health Freedom" in March 2020. It was published as everyone globally was being locked up and governments were claiming that this was a legitimate way to control an infectious disease outbreak, that in fact, was not serious in Australia (and many other countries) at the time the emergency powers were enacted.

The US Surgeon-General dumped the mathematical model that was used for this prediction on 13th April 2020, stating "models are predictions when you do not have real data". Exactly what I said in my global Mailchimp Newsletter 251 on 6 April 2020. My 12 min video in this newsletter was censored immediately by YouTube.

The directive to lock up the healthy population was based simply on a mathematical model of the virus, designed by the medical-industry complex in the illegitimate WHO organisation called the GAVI alliance: an organisation that consisted of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, plus the World Bank/IMF and governments, who profit from predictions made on this model.

It is the GAVI alliance that has directed the WHO's IHRs into a focus on 'a decade of vaccines' from 2010 onwards and private-public partnerships also control the Global Surveillance Systems for infectious diseases: an extreme conflict of interest that has resulted in first class surveillance of every known infectious agent but no active surveillance of adverse events and deaths to vaccines - ever. Is that in the public interest?

The expert that revealed the fake swine flu pandemic in 2009/10 in the European Parliament was Wolfgang Wodarg MD. Here is his 15 min presentation titled The Groundwork of WHO: My experience with Pandemics and the WHO provided by the UK column, along with other experts, who have been suppressed in providing their medical and public health knowledge since the alleged pandemic was declared in March 2020.

There has never been a more important time for people to stand up and tell the truth. If you are still remaining silent to protect your job then please consider your stance. If you want a future that includes integrity in our trusted organisations then maybe you need to be standing up to be counted.

Here is Elizabeth Hart's latest newsletter from her substack Vaccination is Political. It is titled They Faked a Pandemic to Install Totalitarianism: WHO committed this crime against humanity?

Here are five things we all must do:

1.Ensure our politicians remove Australia from the corrupted World Health Organisation (WHO) and join the World Council for Health instead.

2.Expose the corporate medical regulatory board - AHPRA - that does not use objective empirical science to make claims about vaccines.

3.Ensure your doctor/health professionals join the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS) to bring medical ethics back into medicine.

4.Change to the independent media that is now operating on many platforms. Get your news from TNT Radio, The Light Australia Newspaper, Graham Hood and John Larter on Club Grubbery, and local independent community radio stations like, Western Tourist Radio

5.Buy my book "Vaccination: Australia's Loss of Health Freedom" to understand the politics and science that underpins the development of government vaccination programs.

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