Arnis Luks interviews Mark Anderson, Robert Klinck and Wallace Klinck about News and Current events: TCR 2022 - Episode 21

To ensure more integrity in our elections:
Voters must be required to show photographic identification prior to receiving a ballot paper.
Phone-in voting must be abolished and online voting or electronic voting ruled out.
Pens should be issued to voters at polling booths rather than pencils.
To ensure more transparency in our elections:
Immediately after polling closes, all ballot boxes should be placed in an area under CCTV surveillance where footage is recorded and also streamed live onto the internet.
Preferences should not be allocated to major parties until it has been determined that all minor party votes are exhausted.
Scrutineering should be open to the general public rather than just the delegates of political parties and candidates.
Along with all of this, there needs to be a full audit of the 2022 federal election.